Two spaces filled with traditions and memories have accompanied our company for years now. They are currently being upgraded so they can be visited by our partners, friends and customers.

Folk Art Museum

A Folk Art Museum in the old mill in our garden.

Through company founder Georgios Tsolis’s love for tradition, a collection of the tools of rural life of the previous century, traditional dress, musical instruments, antique furniture from mansions of the previous century, and many other treasures small and large.

Printing Museum

From where we came and where we are. In the graphic arts workshop, with the smell of paper and ink. Bringing together the artisanship of the past and the technology and creativity of the present.

Machines like the ‘Heidelberg’ 25X35 printing press, the ‘Heidelberg’ 25X35 stop-cylinder printing press and the characteristic red lever with the later addition of a gold-foiling ‘Cavomit’, the Heidelberg 32X45 ‘Bull’ or GTP gold-foiling press, and the Heidelberg 54X72 flatbed press with a ‘Cavomit’ conversion to gold-foiling press revolutionised and amazed print shops of another era, and beyond, with their sounds and inks.

Now they stand among us as exquisite heirlooms from another time, a living conduit carrying information, knowledge, communication.

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