With a special fondness for creative thinking and imagination, we want our printed ads, samplers, trade fair stalls and corporate gifts to encourage this creativity, demonstrating the infinite expressive potential of the magical material called ‘paper’.

Over the past 20 years, our paper has been transformed into seagulls, owls; it has dressed dolls and become a tree again. It has expressed our ‘loves, our ‘dreams’ and our ‘journeys’ through interactive installations based on relational aesthetics.

We thank our friend and partner Elena Davari for our many years of creative collaboration and for her dedication – as an author and artist – to giving expression to our principles and values.

Έκθεση Graphica 2019

In 2019, we were inspired by another wave of expression.

The journeys’ continue, and a folder appears, full of ‘Little Tales of Colours’. The journey of colours through a mandala design, pop-art and social hashtag games, in gold and silver . . .

Our stall, a handmade, inspired, chess installation. On a convex ‘theatrical’ chessboard platform of 10 square meters, the pieces stand imperious, ready for action, for the game conceived of and constructed by the multidimensional designer, our collaborator Elena Davari.

Metal is transformed into elemental figures. Greek writing, elements of the alphabet create the forms of a king, a queen, the galloping knight, the watchful rook, the caring bishop, the protective pawn.

A game of strategic thinking created with figures and pawns based on the Greek alphabet. Printing compositions/re-compositions in a chess installation/game.

Printed material and print installation by Elena Davari.


Observations/dialogue (following the presentation at the expo):

Eleana Tsoli: I’m telling you, when you described what we were going to create for the stall, I didn’t understand exactly what it would be, but I trusted that, for Elena to be so insistent, it would be something really good.

Elena Davari: hahaha (I’m still laughing . . .) and it is wonderful to feel that trust.

Έκθεση Graphica 2013

The stall, the notebook, the posters, the interactive installation’

A notebook full of values . . . a notebook, a memento of the years of knowledge, drawing and play in the primary school classrooms of different era. Reliability, Respect, Love, Trust, Tenacity, Solidarity, Collaboration, Health, Sincerity.

A blackboard wall full of thoughts and hopes: what I love, what my dreams and where my journey is taking me, through an interactive relational aesthetic installation – the audience is invited to express what they love, what their dreams are, where their journey is taking them . . .

“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.” Lao Tsu

Whether it’s dusk or dawn’s first light, the jasmine stays always white.” George Seferis

There is no favorable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go.” Seneca

Stall design and printed materials by Elena Davari. Texts chosen by Eleana Tsoli and Elena Davari.

Έκθεση Graphica 2011

The four seasons’ that inspire and are captured by our sampler. A youthful perspective, four expressions, four ‘seasonal’ hats, a tree shape in four colours, and the narrative begins.

Once upon a time, there was a tree and a white sheet of paper . . . on it . . . colour, the pinks of spring and flowers . . . the blue light of summer and the ‘spirits’ of the sea . . . images of nature, of the orange and brown of autumn . . . snapshots of a snowflake and a winter wind . . .

With emphasis on our new sampler, our stall for Graphica 2011, adorned in the colours and creations of our catalogue. Two figures, female and male, remind us that we are ‘dressed’, that we are enveloped in seasons, nature, colours, words . . . ‘will, passion, respect, happiness, limits, innocence, love, touch me . . .’

Concept, hats and photographs by Elena Davari.

Έκθεση Graphica 2009

The trees, the trees . . . in three dimensions, created symbolically from their product, our product, PAPER. Playing with shadows on print ‘grains’.

Writing paper, 70X100, with coloured drawings in the wood brown and optimistic orange of our logo, telling a short tale of the forest.

If you can make your initial enthusiasm last till the end, then success is assured,” Georgios Tsolis, company founder.

Έκθεση Graphica 2007

An imaginary world of paper birds, owls and a ship that take us on a journey. Origami, the Chinese art form in which a single piece of paper is folded to create shapes.

Take a leap, faster than decay” Odysseus Elytis

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” Oscar Wilde

The environment of the stall, framed by black-and-white and sepia photographs of old printing machines from the Georgios Tsolis collection.

Stall design and photographs of machines by Elena Davari. Origami by Iro Karakonti. Texts by Eleana Tsoli and Elena Davari.

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